I Went Searching for Options and Found What I Needed with Chiropractic Help

by fauzi1981

I guess I got pretty lucky in that I didn’t have any catastrophic medical issues with my body for the first 35 years of life. I know lots of people run into all sorts of situations where they seriously hurt some part of their body and then have trouble over many more years afterwrad. But I went to a San Rafael chiropractor pretty early after receiving some advice from many people I spoke with over the Internet. I struggled at first with pain, but several people told me that’s not necessary and that I should look at other treatment options. That really helped to open my eyes.

I had been to a doctor at times for some minor things. The different doctors had no trouble at all fixing those situations right up, and I had no further trouble with any of them. Life moved on as normal very quickly. But one weekend, my son talked me into getting on his skateboard to try it out. Having never been on one before, I really should not have just jumped on without at least a quick lesson first. I promptly fell off it within about 60 seconds after getting on. I landed in a nearby flower patch on my back. My son helped me up, and I hobbled indoors. I sat in my favorite chair with a heating pad on my back that night. I figured that would be enough, but it wasn’t.

Several visits to the doctor occured after that brief instance on that skateboard, but none of them provided the relief that I desperately needed. I never knew that a back problem could be so painful. I was thinking of giving up and just living with it until I realized that was not an option. I asked in some online communities if anyone else knew what to do, and that’s when others told me that chiropractic care should be something that I move to do quickly.