My Back is Feeling Better So I Am Feeling Better

by fauzi1981

If your back hearts, it seems like your entire body hurts. You feel miserable all over trying to struggle to get anything done when your back is hurting. It hurts to sit, stand or lay down, but you keep trying different things hoping for a few moments of relief from the pain. I switch positions, stretch and try to catch a few seconds of reduced discomfort. I didn’t start getting any real relief until I found Round Rock chiropractors that could really help me with my chronic back pain. I noticed a significant improvement on the first adjustment. It was like there was this pop in my back followed by a warm flood of relief.

Painkillers just numbed or dulled the sensation of the pain. It was always still there, and my body knew that it was. I could function on the painkillers, but my brain was in a fog. The narcotic painkillers gave me terrible constipation, and instead of getting to the root cause of my back pain, a doctor had given me another pill to deal with the constipation. I wanted off of the pain pills, and the Round Rock chiropractors helped me to accomplish that. It was not easy, and it took a huge effort on my part to wean myself off of medications. What made it easier was not having that horrible back pain caused by nerve impingement.

Now that my back is feeling good, my whole body feels good. All the communication between the brain and your body travels through your back. Maybe it is the olfactory sense that connects right to the brain, but pretty much everything else travels the spinal nerve highway. Getting my back to be in optimal health changed everything about how I am living in this body of mine. I feel a lot better.