Modern Chiropractic Office Was Nothing Like My Brother Said It Would Be

by fauzi1981

A lot of folks down here work on getting their beach bodies ready for the summer months. I had been joking with my wife how I was going to get my back ready for summer. The winter months had taken their toll on me with sedentary living and increasing back pain that ended up making me even more sedentary. My wife had enough of me asking her to rub the capsaicin cream on my aching back and told me to go see a chiropractor in Cary NC. The hot pepper rub helped, but it did not fix the problem.

I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor. I had no idea what they really did behind the closed doors of their offices, but I was about to find out. The procedure table was not some scary Gothic device that my brother told me it would be. He had never been to a chiropractor in his life and was telling me what to expect. When I got there I had all kind of thoughts running through my imagination, and that is how my brother works. He puts thoughts in your mind to get you going. The visit was nothing like he said it would be.

The visit was easy, and the doctor was not scary. The electrical stimulation pads actually felt really good. The deep muscle massage really relaxed my back. When it came to getting the adjustment, it was a bit odd having my limbs manipulated by the doctor, but the result was great. I had a lot of instant relief from back pain that had been bugging me for quite some time. I was feeling better on my first visit. I felt so good that you did not have to twist my arm to get me to go back for another adjustment. It was like instant pain relief, and I could barely wait to get back to undergo the rest of the treatments.