Falling out of a Truck Really Messes Up Your Back

by fauzi1981

My friends asked if we should make a viral video about me seeing a chiropractor in Oklahoma City after I took a nasty spill out of a truck while we were doing a dumb stunt. Needless to say, I wasn’t that happy about the gallow’s humor. I’m actually lucky to be alive because I bounced right out of that truck bed when we were going about forty miles an hour. We were filming video of what it would look like to go over a bumpy road at a fairly high speed. What happens is you get bounced out of the truck.

The only thing that saved me is that I landed on a hay bale on the side of the road. Nonetheless, as soon as I stood up I knew something in my back wasn’t right. There was pain, but I didn’t seem to have the range of motion I normally have. My friends looked scared and took me right to the emergency room. I spent several hours there in order to find out nothing was broken and that my range of motion should return. They also gave me pain pills. When I didn’t get better, my mother took me to a chiropractor.

I’ve heard good things about them. My mother swears by them and they’ve helped her out of a jam on several occasions. I just worried about the pain involved if they had to move my back in a direction it might not want to go. The staff was great and so was the chiropractor. None of them batted an eye after hearing about my stupid stunt. Instead, they got right to work and I felt a lot better after a treatment. I went back a few more times and actually feel very close to 100%. I won’t be doing any stupid truck stunts in the future, that’s for sure!