My Poor Posture Was Making My Back Hurt

by fauzi1981

My toe hurt. It would throb for a few minutes and then quit hurting. It kind of felt like a cramp, but not exactly. The pain would hit all of a sudden and hurt for a few minutes. I found that if I straightened up my back, it would let up. I could not explain that one. I took my shoe off once when it was hurting to see if my toe was pulling back like a cramp would make it. Well, it was definitely not a muscle cramp. I could’t explain it, so off to my Santa Rosa chiropractor I went.

It was hurting off and on while I was at the chiropractor’s office. The doctor knew right away what it was. I had an irritated sciatic nerve. I took pressure off of it a little when I would force my back straight. I have to admit that my posture is awful. I walk all hunched over all the time. My medical doctor and my chiropractor had warmed me that I was going to have trouble if I did not do something about my posture. The issue was the pain. It would get worse as the day wore on, and I would hunch over more and more as the pain got worse.

It was very hard to do the opposite and stand up straight as the pain got worse, but that is what I started doing. The Santa Rosa chiropractor is what got me through this retraining of my posture. I needed adjustments, stim therapy and massage and heat therapy while I built up my back muscles to better my posture. As I got stronger lifting the weights and stretching, my back hurt less and less. I cannot believe how straight I can stand and walk now. It used to hurt something awful to stand up straight.